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Q: how did you become so confident with yourself? It's awesome, only like three people know im gay and the thought of people at school knowing is freaking terrifying

love yourself before anything else and you will accomplish great things

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Q: did someone just try to tell u how tall u r lol

I’m 5’8 don’t let the anons tell ya different

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Q: Do you know any dealers in cali

drugs are horri(fantastic)ble stay in school

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Q: Tbh ya, you also seem like a really chill person & you're from the Bay Area like holla

I get my license in 2 weeks people I’ll make house visits

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Q: She looks taller than you on the pic tho

I am obviously bent over trying to escape the wind but I have witnesses. I’m taller

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Q: You seem so chill to hang with tbh

wanna find out

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