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Q: Waiting for tinychat hello let's go I'm on a schedule here


Spiff ilysm you kill me

I’ll be on in a sec my wifi is being dumb


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Q: I bet you look good on the dance floor


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Q: you should do a tiny chat though

always a guest star never a host

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Q: i have an identical twin and i was talking to this girl and she sent me a text with a link to my sisters blog and told me that someone was catfishing with my pictures so l told her that was my twin and she didnt believe me so she requested that my sister and I take a picture on with a spoon and one with a fork we sent it to her and her first question was could we have a threesome

could we have a threesome

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Q: It's storming and I'm really scared, come hold me.

does it look like I like storms

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Q: Is it true that you bring girls over and sacrifice them to Tiffany? If so, I volunteer...I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!


It’s actually very true.

it is true

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